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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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have a great evening. you are i the cnn newsroom. i'm deborah feyerick in for don lemon. two americans were killed in afghanistan today. one u.s. soldier and one u.s. civilian. officials say they died in a fire fight either with insurgents or troops of the afghan army. investigators are not yet 100% sure exactly what happened. three afghan soldiers also died in an incident at a check point west of kabul. in iraq at least 30 people were killed today in a wave of bombings. seven ex-pleases hit in or near bagdad. it is the deadliest day in iraq for nearly a month. shiite muslim communities appear to be the main targets of the attacks. the violence comes days after dozens of dangerous prisoners broke out of a jail in northern iraq.
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in los angeles crews are working quickly to finish this bridge dem nigs over the 405 freeway. some scary, scary moments when a portion of the mulholland bridge came down unexpectedly, narrowly missing a couple of workers. it was feared the construction would cause massive traffic jams on one of the nation's busiest freeways. so far those fears have not come true. the 405 is expected to open back up at 5:00 a.m. local time tomorrow morning in time for work. a possible break involving a missing university of florida student. his backpack has been found at the home of a teenager now charged with the student's murder. gainesville police say blood was found in the car belonging to 18-year-old pedro bravo. bravo allegedly told police he and 18-year-old christian aguilera the night aguilera was last scene. he disappeared ten days ago. the search continues. he still hasn't been found.
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a family is in despeier wondering if two of their kids are alive or dead. this is where we're talking about, unionville, tennessee. 9-year-old chloe and 7-year-old half brother gauge were thought to have died in a house fire that also killed their grandparents. so far no sign of the children and it's been more than a week. cnn's susan candiotti has more on this developing mystery. >> reporter: more than a week after sifting through ashes and debris, investigators have found no sign of 9-year-old chloe and 7-year-old gage. no sign the youngsters were there, and so far no evidence they weren't when an inferno swept through the home where they lived with their grandparents. friends and family don't understand and neither does anyone else. >> i think something is very fishy. >> the more you find out, the more questions you have. >> reporter: helicopters equipped with infrared cameras found no sign of the children in surrounding woods either. the children were last seen
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playing in the neighborhood about three hours before the fire started last sunday night. did someone take them? the tennessee bureau of investigation issued an amber alert friday night, calling the missing children endangered. authorities don't know what caused the fire adding to the mystery. >> they said it was not an intentional fire, but obviously there's more to it than that. >> reporter: chloe's parents are not considered suspects according to police. >> we are tired, but we warrant this to continue on until we find out what's really happened to these children. >> susan candiotti joins us now from new york. susan, you're keeping your eyes on many mysterious missing kids case in tennessee. here it is sunday evening. the kids have been working for more than a week. is there a single lead? why do investigators think they they might have been in the house initially? >> initially because they lived there and have been live being the grandparents for years. that was the natural assumes,
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they must have been home when this terrible raging inferno raced through that house. and since then authorities are telling us they have some leads but they're not disclosing exactly what they are. we know that they've been through the neighborhood. they're talking to friends, talking to family, they're talking to the parents of these children and who live apart from each other. the parents tell them that they -- where they were. they're not disclosing to us where they were when all this happened. authorities say the family members are fully cooperating. >> and so the parents have been ruled out or at least they're not being questions as suspects for the time being. is there the suggestion that this fire was deliberately set, that perhaps somebody took the kids? is that one of the scenarios police are working on? >> it's certainly one of the many theories. did the children wander off maybe right before the fire happened or afterwards? remember they were playing in that neighborhood three hours
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before the fire was called in at 9:30 last sunday night. could someone have snatched the children? i mean these are the possibilities they're looking at. and why do they wait until friday to issue the amber alert? remember for the immediate few days right after the fire happened, they kept looking and relooking, looking again through the ashes, through the debris, fully expecting to find these children. it wasn't until wednesday when the tennessee bureau of investigation got involved and they looked again and then on friday issued the achl ber alert. when it is clear to them, they say there is no physical evidence that those children have been in that debris. that's why they've been broadening the search area even today, spending hours. they're still out there with dogs looking in the area, in the roads, trying to see whether the children wandered off. >> all right. susan candiotti for us in new york. thanks so much. clearly time of the essence in this because the more time goes on, the more they lose a grasp
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of where these children might be. thank you so much for joining us. let's take the race for the white house, with 37 days to go until election day president obama is out west. he landed in las vegas a little while ago where he's going to hold a rally later this evening. he'll be on the road through wednesday's presidential debate. mitt romney is keeping a low profile this weekend. he went to church outside boston. he had no public events yesterday or today. he heads to colorado tomorrow where he'll hold a rally and continue his preparations for wednesday's showdown debate in denver. meantime republican party officials cut ties with the consulting firm that florida election officials say turned in suspicious voter application forms. cnn's david mattingly has been investigating. what have you learned? >> this is florida. it's always close there. hugely important to both sides. we know it's going to be close
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this time. any time the topic of voter registration fraud comes up, it's going to get a lot of attention. strategic allied consulting was hired to register people to vote. that sounds pretty denine, like it wouldn't be a big problem. here is what happened. that company was fired last week by the republican national committee after one of the employees of that company, just one, may have provided false signatures on some of the documents that he was filling out. so right now we're having people look in multiple counties throughout florida. we've seen reports that maybe as many as ten, where they're looking at some of these things to see how widespread this might be. the ground zero for right now seems to be in palm beach county. that's where the election supervisor is looking at 106 ballots, 106 applications rather that were provided for by this company. beyond that, this election supervisor is going past that 106 to look at every single
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ballot -- every single application that has been changed recently. guess how many that is? >> i can't imagine. >> 60,000. the supervisor says she doesn't believe this is a crisis. she wants to get out in front of it. and she's encouraging this similar action to be taken on a state level right now. but again, she says she doesn't believe it's a crisis. but she's got a lot of applications to look at to make sure when people come to the polls on election day that they are able to vote and paperwork signed on their behalf is actually their signature. >> we've been speaking so much about voter id which is when you actually get to the polls. before that you have all this registration to make sure people are signed up. is this company doing work for republicans in other states? could those states be in jeopardy? >> yes. the republican party has paid this company several million dollars to do this work. we're looking closely at some of the swing states. we talked about florida.
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there's also colorado, north carolina, virginia. we've seen reports that the state -- on the state level they severed their ties with this company in colorado. got calls and waiting to hear back from north carolina and virginia as well. >> dave mattingly, i think you and i are going to be very busy after election day trying to figure out exactly what's going on. >> we always are, especially when it comes to florida. >> dave mattingly, great job as always. thanks so much. president obama and mitt romney face to face as american voters weigh their choice. the first of three presidential debates will be wednesday night. you can watch it here live at 7:00 eastern on cnn and on as we get closer to that debate, all week we heard about both sides trying to lower expectations of their candidates. is it going to work? two of our political experts weigh in. incredible video. a man jumps from a third floor window into the arms of a crowd below. we'll tell you what forced him out of that window. we'll leave tonight.
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guns belonging to a gangster couple killed 78 years ago hit the auction block today. nearly 100 of bonnie and clyde's possessions were on sale
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including the pistols the pair were wearing when they were killed. those two guns together sold for half a million dollars. $504,000. an intriguing art heist worthy of a hollywood film wandering into a flea market one day, a shopper snags a painting for just $7.00. it turns out to be a renoir original. the lucky buyer wants to auction it off. the fbi steps in and puts the brakes on. as brian todd explains, it's all over a crime committed more than 60 years ago. >> 5 1/2 by 9 inches worth from $75,000 to $100,000. it's believed to have been painted for his mystery in 1879, this landscape made a mysterious journey. >> this is what we all fantasize about, finding a great treasure unknown. >> doreen is the director of the baltimore museum of art. they once had that wren our on
6:14 pm
display owned by a art patron named sadie may. more than 60 years ago the painting was lifted. >> this is the library's record of the painting, the card saying it was lent here. this notation saying it was stolen from the museum in november of 1951, only five months after the lender, sadie may died. >> reporter: fast forward to 2010, a woman at the harper's ferry flea market is attracted to a nondescript box. >> she paid $7.00 for a cardboard box full of miscellaneous items. >> reporter: including a doll, a plastic cow and the long lost renoir. the purchaser took the painting to an auction house in alexandria, virginia where it's kept now. what happened between high end heist and flea market haggle, over roughly 60 years, is virtually unknown. >> how tough is it to piece together how it might have made that journey?
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>> i think people feel a painting by a famous artist like renoir ought to be clear. life has so many twists and opportunities. it has friendships and deaths and divorces, all kinds of chaos, moving, changing of occupation. it's very hard to speculate what of those circumstances would cause the painting to change hands. >> reporter: she says records of art works were not digitized and tracked then with the sophistication used now. the fbi is investigating that trail. authorities and probably lawyers will also have to determine whether the painting is rightfully the property of the woman who bought it for $7.00, the museum or the insurer who paid out the claim. right now it's not clear who that insurer was either. >> what would sadie may say about this whole situation? >> sadie may was a pretty extraordinary woman. i'm sure she would be amused to find her reputation brought to the service and so much attention paid to her. >> reporter: as much as they want the painting back, museum
6:16 pm
officials aren't prepared to say they'll wage a legal fight to get it. right now they're focused on piecing together how the painting was stolen and how it got to a flea market in west virginia. brian todd, cnn, baltimore. and just three days until the first presidential debate. it seems both sides are trying to lower expectations of the candidates. will it work? two of our political experts to weigh in. and some difficult ones. but, through it all, we've persevered, supporting some of the biggest ideas in modern history. so why should our anniversary matter to you? because for 200 years, we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ ♪
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mitt romney's running mate says, yes, we've made a few mistakes. but that doesn't mean the presidential race is over. let's talk about the campaign's final 37 days, final 37 days with two cnn contributors. el z granderson and anna navarro. let's take a listen to paul ryan this morning on fox. >> yes, we've had some missteps, but at the end of the day the choice is really clear. we're giving people a really clear choice. we have these pro growth solutions for opportunity and upward mobility in the dynamic economy. you have the president promising four more years of stagnation and dependency.
6:20 pm
>> paul ryan acknowledges what he calls missteps and admitting mistakes, missteps. is that a deliberate strategy? >> i don't know if it's a smart strategy. but i know it's a realistic strategy. obviously they're down in the polls. i think he's being humble. i think he's being realistic. he's admitting there's been mistakes maitt romney said he didn't make the best articulation when speaking of the 47%. they do need to eat a little humble pie and admit things are not all rosie. we can't deny what the polls are showing. we may be able to argue with the polls a little bit, but things need to pick up. i think paul ryan admitting that this morning is a good thing and refreshing from a politician. >> effectively what he's doing is he's telling people what they already know. he's saying, look, we've done it. we don't have to talk about it. l.z, let's get to anna's point.
6:21 pm
mitt romney did speak about the 37% of obama voters who he doesn't think will vote for him. does mitt romney have to be perfect in wednesday's debate, avoid the so-called missteps? we're going to fix your audio. anna, we're going to ask you about that, do you think, ana that mitt romney has to be perfect? does he have to avoid these missteps? >> i'm loving this, deb, l.z not being able to speak. >> be careful, we hear his audio is back, ana. go ahead. >> i think both of these guys are good, able debaters. i was on the mccain campaign, i was on the huntsman campaign. i've sat through debates with mitt romney and debates with president obama, then candidate obama. both of these guys are
6:22 pm
articulate. they have experience, they know how to debate. they've had good debates. they've had some that are less good. but i think both of them are going to do well. >> l.z, we're going to throw two to you right now. first let me ask you, does mitt romney have to avoid missteps. peggy noonan has said this is sort after a hinge, it's a turning point that has the potential to alter the dynamic of the election. do you see the debate as that crucial, the first one? >> absolutely. i think the first one is the only one that really matters. if mitt romney can't hit president obama in the first, who wants to hear what he says in the second and third? i want to make sure we're clear on one things. these haven't been gaffs by mitt romney. this is not the first time he's talking about not necessarily caring. he flat out said he wasn't very concerned about the slr poor. this isn't like a misstep. this is a consistent one.
6:23 pm
it's up to the voters to say whether or not they agree with him. >> at first let me ask you, how does mitt romney have to appear during that president debate? does he have to be deferential, aggressive? what is the right tone? when we saw him before when he was running for the nominee, he could be aggressive. when he said to rick perry, oh, i bet you $10,000. not going to go over as well in the presidential debates, lz, right? >> absolutely not. the thing is mitt romney seemed to function well when he felt he was coming from behind. if there's anything to give him hope, someone else has the momentum. he has to take the momentum. he seems much better as a front-runner. if he has any hope thinking the expectations are extremely low for him. if he's able to take that and attack president obama -- let's
6:24 pm
face it, the president is extremely full verbal. the only reason romney hasn't been winning is he's been an absolute idiot the last two to three weeks. if he can correct that, maybe he can -- >> we like to use the word missteps. president obama is vulnerable. he's been called a wonderful orator, that he mesmerizes audiences when he speaks. where does romney have to strike h him? >> i think romney has to do what he did in the last two primaries. he needs to come across as presidential, assertive, know his stuff, do his homework, not dodge the questions but rather answer them directly? i think he needs to pivot and put the pressure back on president obama. if he does those things, if we see the mitt romney that we saw in the last two debates in florida, we're going to see a very able and capable candidate.
6:25 pm
>> we'll be coming back to you, l.z. i think a lot of people are looking forward to these debates because they really want to get clear answers. mitt romney has been speaking to the republicans, president obama to the democrats. let's see what they have to say to the independents who are out there. both of you, thank you so much. we really appreciate it. president obama and will go head-to-head in the first presidential debate wednesday night in denver. of course, we're going to be there with you live 7:00 eastern on cnn and on talk about being in the right place at the right time. check out this video. a man jumps from the third floor window. a crowd is there to catch him. we're going to tell you why he had to jump. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. meet jennifer, founder of code for america. it's kind of a peace corps for geeks. >> most people have seen that really geeks have changed the world so much in the past 10 or
6:26 pm
20 years, that they haven't changed government yet. we get people to take a year off. it's geeks, also designers and product managers, people from the technical industries. we get them to work with people in city hall to solve problems in cities for a year. >> she wants to fix local government one smart phone app at a time. it's sunday on "the next list." this country was built by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever.
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there's more of it.. and less of it? well, i guess the laws of physics are more like.. general guidelines.
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it is half past the hour now. let's take a look at the headlines. police in middle, tennessee, have a real mystery on their hands. they're urgently searching for two kids, a 9-year-old girl and her 7-year-old half brother. those children were thought to have died in a house fire that killed their grandparents. investigators have found no sign
6:30 pm
of them. here is the urgent part, that house fire happened last week and the kids are simply missing. rescue crews help stranded drivers in texas after flooding covered parts of the state. get this. the past three days brought more rain than texas got all of last year when it suffered stlu one of its worst droughts in history. today storms moved east into parts of louisiana and mississippi and are expected to continue on that path for the next 48 hours. actress lindsay lohan back in the news. the troubled star let says she was allegedly attacked in a manhattan hotel room early thursday morning. we've learned police have dropped assault charges against a 25-year-old man. apparently he was snapping photos of lohan with the cell phone. she grabbed the phone. they struggled. that's when lohan say he tried
6:31 pm
to choke her. police expect them to file harassment charges against one another. key decision makers attended today's annual red mass including six of the nine supreme court justices. the annual event aims to bring people together to pray for members of the judiciary before the court begins hearing cases. it's called the red mass because of the color of the garments worn by clergy. some people criticize the service because of the mix of religion and government. raging -- a fight raging only in syria today where observers report heavy shelling from the syrian army. 143 people were killed across the country with most of those deaths in damascus and its surrounding suburbs. a local opposition group reports finding 30 bodies in a damascus basement. a 72-year-old man jumps from the window of his burning
6:32 pm
apartment. his neighbors caught him. ronnie poe fell three stories. his only injury was a bruised heal. he said flames were blocking all the exit routes. >> i held my army out right here and waited and waited. i couldn't hold on no more. >> i held him. i said are you all right? >> poe says he's not afraid of heights because the army trained him as a para trooper. who knew it would come in handy? now to the big stories in the week ahead. from the white house to wall street, our correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin with the president al debate on wednesday. >> i'm dan lothian at the white house. a big week for president obama as he faces his gop opponent in the first presidential debate in denver on wednesday. a lot is riding on the performance of each candidate. and both campaigns are trying to lower expectations. now, following the debate, the president will spend the next
6:33 pm
two days campaigning in the important battleground state of ohio. by the way, president obama will prepare for the debates in nevada where he'll also hold a campaign rally. i'm paul steinhauser on the campaign trail. republican presidential nominee mitt romney flies to colorado tomorrow. he holds a rally in the swing state tomorrow night before hunkering down for final preparations. meanwhile his wingman, running mate paul ripian campaigns at the beginning of the week in iowa. i'm poppy harlow in new york. all eyes will be on the economy this week. the big news for wall street comes on friday with the september jobs report. of course, that is key for the market, but it's also key in the race for the white house. also ahead, we'll get a look at september auto sales data as well as the latest look at construction spending. we'll see if those indicators show any continued signs of improvement like we've been seeing in the housing market. the fed releases minutes from its last meeting, shedding more light on the central bank's decision to try to further stimulate the u.s. economy.
6:34 pm
we'll track that and all the week's business news on cnn. former my name is earl star jaime pressly will join me. we've also got a big showbiz countdown this week of the best presidential impersonations ever. you have to tune in and see if your favorites make the cut. >> all right. thanks, guys. we've got brand new pictures from mars. they've got nasa scientists all excited. that rock you see there, that may be proof of rivers and streams on the red planet.
6:35 pm
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a discovery that nasa could only hope for. evidence of fast flowing streams on the surface of mars.
6:38 pm
denton abel is a plan stair expert with the american museum of planetary history. he joins me live from new york. denton, we've heard about water on mars. people are really excited about this one. why? tell me. >> before we've seen water from space, we've seen the evidence of large-scale flows. now we have proof on the surface. our robot geologist is doing its job very well. >> what's amazing is that they're finding the water could have been almost hip deep. what does that suggest? >> this would have been a rushing stream, coming out of a deep canyon in the wall of this big crater, a hundred mile crater that we're in. the rim has this long canyon about 30 meters deep. an alluvial fan comes out of that spreading material from the top into the bottom of the crater. that's where we're finding these rounded pebbles that indicate a strong stream was there. >> which is really remarkable. look, that is a picture of mars
6:39 pm
there. the more black and white one, that is a picture of efrth. what does the suggest about our plan snet? does it suggest that perhaps one day rivers and streams dry out or does there need to be a catastrophic event for that to happen? >> that would be a very catastrophic event indeed. the earth is so blessed with abundant water and, of course, that's part of the fact that it's habitable. earth is a wonderful planet. this is news from another planet that has gone through different history, different set of geological events and perhaps has harbored life. will we see that with this rover? maybe. this is certainly showing we had a lot of water in this particular location. >> what is fascinating is you say you know there's water, but you have not boots on the ground, baugh rover on the ground. if we could listen in to the private conversations going on now at nasa, what sort of exciting things -- what possibilities are they talking about? >> well, one thing we'll do,
6:40 pm
we'll learn the composition of these pebbles because they represent a lot of different terrains potentially that fed this one area, and perhaps that tells us about the geological history. but the cement that's holding them together is even more interesting. perhaps it's carbonate cement. that's a different kind of chemistry. we'll see a lot more of this in days to come. the rover is going to be active for at least two years. there's a lot coming up. >> learning about mars to shed a little bit of light on the earth. all right, denton abel, thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us this evening. >> thanks, deb. a pakistani girl faced life in prison for allegedly burning the koran. police now say it turns out it was all a setup. so what happens? sglvrnlgs
6:41 pm
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. a christian pakistani girl accused of desecrating the koran is set to be cleared of all charges. tomorrow a juvenile court is expected to uphold a police investigation that found the 14-year-old was not only innocent, but was framed by a muslim cleric in her hometown. the cleric faces blasphemy charges of his own for tearing pages out of a koran to use as evidence against the child. in italy another court case is under way. pope benedict's ex-butler on trial for theft after he allegedly leaked hundreds of
6:44 pm
secret papers from the pope's personal apartment to an italian paper. this is pretty significant for the vatican. they're known for secrecy. at least we're expected to learn a little bit of what's going on. >> we hope, deb. that is the hope. again, it's one of the most significant cases the vatican city court has heard, not to mention a huge embarrassment. paulo gabriele is one of the most trusted advisers to the pope. he leaked the papers because we wanted to expose the evil and corruption taking place perhaps in the vatican itself or in churches everywhere. he had a motive behind it. he didn't fight it. he actually admitted to the fact he did this, even though he hasn't entered a formal plea. >> intent is one thing. theft is another which is what's going to be so fascinating. saturday's initial session was held under very closely controlled circumstances. only a handful of approved reporters were inside.
6:45 pm
so what are some of the juiciest details that came out? >> we're not surprised. no cameras, no recording devices. even the pens that the reporters had brought in were taken. they took every proactive measure to make sure this was a very controlled environment. so on tuesday we're actually going to expect to hear from gabriele himself and also the computer technician who is believed to have assisted him in these efforts. so this could actually all wrap up as soon as sometime next week. >> i never thought about the pen. you have to remember that. >> this new age. >> reporters are allowed in, reporters are allowed to report what it is they're learning. what have they heard so far? >> so far there have been 82 boxes of evidence that have been cos fis kated. there's a three-judge panel presiding. the pope hem self won't be a witness on the stand.
6:46 pm
he does have the authority -- let's say they give gabriele a sentence of up to 80 years, he could say, it's okay and he could step in at the last minute and weigh in on the entire case. he doesn't have influence as the case is going on. it's the three judges that are presiding over it at this moment. again, this really rocks the hierarchy of the catholic church. that being said, it could potentially affect who will be the next pope. there's a lot of controversy, a lot of scandal going on. >> you know what's so fascinating, they're looking at the theft clearly. but the intent. the fact that the butler was doing this because he said there's so much corruption, that i want to get it out there. if i write a book, if i profit, it's secondary. anything on the corruption side? has it proven to be? >> not as of right now. that's what's going to come out next week. that's what's so exciting. everyone is waiting to see what happens. he still hasn't come out and formerly spoken as a witness.
6:47 pm
i'm actually waiting to see what he has to say, too. >> going to be riveting. always fascinating to hear from you. thank you. appreciate it. tiger, phil, bubba, what happened? the u.s. chokes at the ryder cup. our next guest says he's never seen anything worse. it helps you see if you have too much coverage or not enough, making it easier to get what you need. [ beeping ] these are great! [ beeping ] how are you, um, how are you doing? i'm going to keep looking over here. probably a good idea. ken: what's a good idea? nothing. with coverage checker, it's easy to find your perfect policy. visit today.
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a huge upset from the world of sports within the last hour or so. really hard to believe, in fact. let's talk about the ryder cup with terrence moore, sports contributor for and a columnist at the united states team, tiger woods, the best players the u.s. had to offer, they squandered
6:50 pm
it. what happened? >> they choked. this is one of the biggest chokes in the history of sports. sports fans probably remember the '69 cubs, the cubs choked that year. they had it right here. they're playing at home. they have the crowd going crazy, a huge lead. then today jim furyk disappears, steve stricter disappears late. god knows what he was doing here. this was not good. >> it was fascinating because we were talking about it in the newsroom earlier. people sort of kind of clenched up when they said it's going to come down to tooger, can he do it? that never would have been the case. >> tiger was hitting well today. if it would have come down to tiger, i have a feeling he would have done okay. to be fair, ian poulter played out of his mind birdiesing the last five holes. that set up for the miracle from their standpoint, the choke from our standpoint.
6:51 pm
>> what we're showing is the winning putt. it started yet. you can see it. the front page of every single paper because they were so excited. he knows it. >> in the old days, the europeans wanted this thing more than we did. now we really, really want it and that's why we really, really choked. >> let's switch gears a little bit and get over the heartbreak and go to a different topic. so baseball great chipper jones retiring after 19 years in the major leagues, all with the atlanta braves, considered one of the best players. i know you have a close relationship with him. tell us about what happens next. >> he's even greater than that. i'm a hall of fame voter for baseball. he's going to get my vote. as soon as i get that envelope, my check mark will go right next
6:52 pm
to his names. chipper is one of the three greatest switch hitters of all time, up there with mickie mantle and eddie murray. his father, larry senior, his favorite player of all time mickie mantle. now his son has a changes of being greater that mantle. he's one of the three switch hitters with a lifetime batting average over .300. >> that's remarkable when your child surpasses your hero. >> his father has this huge picture of mickie mantle in the den. he told him i'm not taking his picture down to put your picture in his place. >> we can understand that. the nfl, let's talk about that. now that the refs are back, i guess we can assume there will never, ever be another questionable call, right? >> you know what this means? instead of fans biting off the heads of officials now when they make a bad call, they'll just go for the arm and the leg. after the replacements, they see
6:53 pm
how good these guys are. they're pretty good. they got standing ovations in the stadium when they've showed up. >> right. i think you have to appreciate that. always the monday morning quarterbacking. for these guys to get a show of acknowledgment and respect, they deserve it. terence, thanks so much. always interesting to talk to you? the final day of the ryder cup goes down to the wire. we'll go to the medina country club for the report and find out whose late arrival almost got him disqualified. just 37 days until the presidential election. gun control may be a critical issue for some voters. coming up, we're also going to show you the candidates and the fact they may not be so far apart when it comes to the second amendment. screen goes frm here to here. now that's either a) an amazing coincidence ..
6:54 pm
or b) a dazzling display of common sense. pretty sure it's the common sense thing.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
and as countdowns go, 37 days until the election, cnn is helping you understand where president obama and governor romney stand on the big issues. today we'll tackle an issue important to many americans, gun control. >> nibble the second amendment. i believe in people's lawful right to bear arms. >> i will protect the second amendment rights of american people. >> reporter: both sides stick to language in the constitution with president obama attempting to pacify critics from the
6:57 pm
national rifle association. >> i will not take your shotgun away. i will not take your rifle away. i won't take your handgun away. >> reporter: the fact he hasn't even tried doesn't placate the nra, with continued unsubstantiated warnings that began back in 2008. >> all that first-term lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the second amendment during his second term. >> reporter: romney has been actively cultivating the nra, speaking at this year's intention. it's a swift for the ones tough-on-guns governor. consider the assault weapons ban, president obama is a yes with an asterisk. mr. romney moves from a yes to a no. here is why. in 2004 governor romney signed a permanent assault weapons band in massachusetts.
6:58 pm
now candidate romney says he opposes any new laws. after aurora, mr. obama stressed the need for a ban on assault weapons. >> a lot of gun owners would believe that ak-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not criminals. >> reporter: the reason obama's yes has an asterisk is because in four years no new gun control laws have been enacted. under obama's watch, concealed weapons are now allowed on amtrak trains and on national parks. >> he's continued to pay lip service to those things, but he hasn't shown real leadership in pursuing those changes. >> yes, background checks have gotten more thorough for people under obama for people illegally buying guns in gunshots. the big problem remains to be gun shows and the internet, specifically unlicensed dealers selling firearms to buyers with no background check needed. president obama has supported closing the gun show loophole in
6:59 pm
the past. the white house says his focus now is on existing laws. governor romney says no to any further regulation of gun shows. >> there's no particular change in law that's going to keep people who are intent on doing harm from doing harm. >> the majority of gun owners would agree we should do everything we can to prevent criminals and fugitives from purchasing weapons. >> reporter: while president obama says he wants tougher gun laws, little was done during his first term. republican challenger romney has done more in the past but now says it's enough. both candidates apparently not so different now when it comes to gun control. >> you can stay informed on all the issues and political news from the campaign trail. logon to the next hour of the cnn the next hour of the cnn newsroom begins right now. -- captions by vitac --


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